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Five Female Techies

"Community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter." — Brian Solis.

There have been a sudden rise in technology activities in Warri, right from last year (2018) but they have not been anyone centered around women only. So, when Paul Okoro told me about it’s vision for Warri Tech Women Community, I quickly keyed in and that’s what brought about the — Warri Tech Women Meet-up.

On Saturday, March 23rd 2019 we decided on organizing the first women in tech meet-up in Delta State, Nigeria to celebrate the international women’s day. The event was slated to start 3pm, but due to some technical issue we started around 4pm. The registration table was set with the attendees verifying their names, collecting their tags and jotter before going upstairs for the event.

Esther, starting out the Warri Tech Women Meet-up.

The event started with Esther Ovie the Ingressive campus ambassador for Uniben welcoming all the attendees to the event, while also giving some quick note about the event and asking some funny questions. She invited Paul Okoro to the stage, to give a little talk about what the Warri Tech Women community it’s all about and giving some little advice to the ladies presents.

Ovuoke on stage during the Warri Tech Women Meet-up.

Our first speaker Aghwotu Ovuoke — Who’s a Web developer at Nicobstech. She told the ladies about her journey in tech, some challenges she faced and how she overcome them. She gave a step by step guide in getting stated with tech.

Some of the words she use during her talk at the event was — “Tech gives you the power to change your community”, “Ignore the stereotypes and know that you have what it takes to make a difference with tech”, Tech will test your patience, but don’t give up. Her talk was really insightful.

Mercy on stage, during the Warri Tech Women Meet-up

After her talk, Mercy of FotoAfrik came on stage to talk about — “Driving your business with tech”. She emphasizes on you don’t really need to be a programmer, before you become a woman in tech”. She shared her story on how she’s driving her business with tech.

Jessica speaking dusing Warri Tech Women Meet-up

Next on stage was Jessica Ikechukuwu the CTO of NemoTracker, she delivered a talk on — “Every girl or woman can succeed in tech”. She made references to several Africa female developers and tech- entrepreneurs who had succeeded in tech and still succeeding in tech, while also sharing her own story in tech and the progress she had made.

Some of the words she use during her talk includes; You don’t need a college degree or be a genius to succeed in tech”. “Any woman can work in tech, irrespective of their social, religious or ethnic background”. “Tech allows for flexibility”. “If you are really passionate about what you do in tech, the universe opens the way for you”.

Panel session ongoing.

After her talk, there’s was networking and sharing of refreshment.

Sharing of refreshment.

Immediately after the networking session, there was a panel discussion session which was handled by Aghwotu Ovuoke Jessica and Mercy — The session was centred on “Challenges and Opportunities for Women In Tech”.

There was a deep dive on it, with the panelist, answering every single questions asked by the attendees, while also sharing resources and opportunities available to women in tech.

After the panel session, Ama came on stage to talk on successful women in tech. The likes of Maya Horgan Famodu of Ingressive and Adia Sowho of mines.io, and left the stage with this words— “if these women could do it, then you too can succeed in tech”.

When Maya's call was on going.

Not too long after Ama’s talk, Maya Horgan Famodu called in remotely to speak with with ladies, encouraging them while also promising to see them May this year. Her call ended with the girls in excitement and eagerly waiting to kick start their journey in tech.

The event ended with Timothy Ovie giving a closing remark, thanking the ladies for coming, and encouraging them to stick to one particular technology and be a master of it.

Group photo after the event.

The event ended with group pictures and interviews. Here’s the link to some of the photos of the event - https://photos.app.goo.gl/2drVJjDFovHUU9gV8

Speacial thanks to our sponsors ( Google Developers Iyinoluwa Aboyeji Adia Sowho Ingressive SkySenx Hub, X- Stylez, Lesstress and FotoAfrik.) and selfless male techies who came in to support and make sure this event was success.


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